• Syed Mushtaq Gilani
  • Muhammad Jamil
  • Farhat Akbar
  • Roomana Jehangir


Background: Profound bradycardia during eye surgery is potentially serious event. In clinicalpractice this Oculocardiac Reflex (OCR) is most often encountered during squint surgery. Theobjective of this study was to assess the occurrence of OCR and prove the effect of anticholinergicpremedication (atropine) to prevent OCR. Methods: This study comprises of sixty patients (age 2-30 years) operated for squint surgery under general anaesthesia. Cases were divided into twogroups of thirty each. Group 1 was premedicated with intravenous injection of atropine and Group2 did not receive any premedication. Patients were monitored during operation for any bradycardiaor dysrhythmias. Results: The observed data showed occurrence of 70% OCR in Group 2 ascompared to only 10% in Group 1. Severe bradycardia in 40% cases of Group 2 neededintervention by IV injection of atropine. Conclusion: Our study showed that atropinepremedication in the patients of squint surgery under general anaesthesia definitely obtunds OCRand prevents any untoward effects of dysrhythmias during eye surgery.Keywords: Oculocardiac Relex (OCR), squint surgery, atropine premedication


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