• Rubab Ahmed
  • Faisal Sultan


Background: Tuberculosis of breast is a rare entity and may be confused with carcinoma of thebreast. We present a case series of 14 patients with granulomatous mastitis, seen over a seven-yearperiod from a cancer centre in Lahore, Pakistan. Methods: The cases were retrieved usingelectronically coded records and clinical, radiological and pathological data reviewed. Cases witha histologic diagnosis of granulomatous mastitis were included. Results: Granulomatous mastitiswas seen at a frequency of 0.37% of the 3768 patients seen with breast diseases (3722 women; 46men) during this time period. The average age at presentation was 40.7 years [range 14- 65 years].The most common presentation was a lump in the upper outer quadrant of the breast.Mammography showed a range of appearances. Diagnosis was obtained via fine needle aspiration(10 cases), core biopsy (2 cases) and excision (2 cases). Acid-fast bacilli were seen in five out ofthe 14 patients. Ten out of 14 patients completed treatment at our centre with satisfactoryresponse. Conclusions: Granulomatous mastits is an uncommon disease and typically presentswith a lump in the breast. The diagnosis can be established by fine needle cytology in the majorityof cases. Acid-fast bacilli are seen a minority of the cases.Key words: granulomatous inflammation, mastitis, breast, tuberculosis, Pakistan.


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