• Salman Riaz
  • Richard Fox
  • Michael V Lavoie
  • James K. Mahood


The spine is the most common site of skeletal metastases with its involvement occurring in up to40% of patients. Metastatic spinal involvement can cause a number of sequelae like pain,instability and neurologic compression. About 10% of patients with involvement of the vertebralcolumn will subsequently develop neurologic compression.The metastatic spinal lesions mostlyaffect the vertebral body and pedicle (85%). Management of spinal metastases remainscontroversial. Recent reports attest to the beneficial role of surgery. The role of decompressivelaminectomy without stabilization, has been questioned. The Involvement of Vertebral Body andanterior compression had led to an increasing attention to anterior decompressive procedures,reconstruction and Stabilization. We Review here the Techniques described in literature foranterior reconstruction after vertebral corpectomy.Key Words: Spinal Metastasis, Vertebral Body, Laminectomy, Bone cement, Titanium Cages,Reconstruction.


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