• Talha Bin Saleem
  • Irfan Ahmed


Introduction: Dracunculus medinensis better known as guinea worm is the longest nematodeinfecting humans. Mature female worms migrate along subcutaneous tissue to reach the skinbelow the knee forming a painful ulcerating blister. Calcified male worm can occasionally befound in the retro peritoneum. Finding of a calcified worm in the breast tissue is very rare.Material and methods : We report a case of a fit and well African lady who was found to have acalcified guinea worm in the breast on a mammographic examination for investigation of a breastlump. Conclusion: Guinea worm can be included in the differential diagnosis of the breast lumpespecially in the endemic areas although the finding remains very rare.Key Words: Guinea worm, Dracunculus medinensis, Breast lump, Serpent.


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