• Shahzad Shams
  • Muhammad Javaid Rashid


Background: Surgical management of cervical lesions with reconstruction procedures hasremarkably expanded the options available in the last decade. Anterior cervical corpectomy withtitanium mesh reconstruction is one of the effective method of cervical spine reconstruction.Methods: We studied 17 consecutive cases in whom corpectomy and decompression wasperformed. Fusion with titanium mesh cages filled with local bone pieces were placed inside thecage. Results: Clinical status improved in 13 patients whereas in 3 it remained unchanged, basedon Nurick’s classification. At 3 months follow up, 13 (76.4%) patients reported successful armpain relief and 12 (70.5% ) with neck pain relief with visual analog score below five.Complications included cage in kyphosis, radiculopathy, cage subsidence and wound infection.Conclusion: Outcome after cervical fusion procedures with a titanium mesh cage lead to early andgood stability of the cervical spine, excellent neurological improvement, low risk of complicationand rare need for endogenous bone graft harvest avoiding donor site morbidity, less postoperativepain and decreased hospital stay and cost.Keywords: Cervical Spine, Reconstruction, Titanium Mesh Cage


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