• Zubair Ahmad
  • Najamul Sahar Azad
  • Nausheen Yaqoob
  • Akhtar Husain
  • Aamir Ahsan
  • Ambreen Nasir Khan
  • Rashida Ahmed
  • Naila Kayani
  • Shahid Pervez
  • Sheema H. Hassan


Background: To determine the frequency of various histologic types of primary solid malignantneoplasms in males and females, in our practice, in a large series of surgical biopsies. Methods : Aretrospective study of 20,000 consecutive surgical biopsies in the section of Histopathology, AgaKhan University Hospital (AKU), Karachi, in 2004. Results: Squamous cell carcinoma of oralcavity was the commonest malignant neoplasm in males followed by diffuse Large B cell,Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and Prostatic adenocarcinoma. In females, infiltrating Ductalcarcinoma of the breast was overwhelmingly the commonest malignant neoplasm followed bySquamous cell carcinoma of the oral cavity and esophagus. Conclusion: Out of 20,000 biopsies,there were 4616 (23.08%) malignant neoplsms. Carcinoma of oral cavity is very common in ourpopulation in both sexes.Key Words: Malignant Neoplasm, Male, Female, Primary


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