• Mohammad Hussain


Why is it that the fatality rates from measles are often 200 times higher in poor developingcountries than in the industrialized countries?The main reason is that the malnourished child is often overwhelmed by the infection whereasthe well-nourished child can combat it and survive. Nutritional status thus has an effect on infectionsand infections have an effect on malnutrition. These are most important relationships.In developing countries communicable diseases are extremely prevalent and are a majorcause of morbidity and mortality. The majority of children in most developing countries suffer fromundernutrition and malnutrition at some time in the first 5 years of life. The problems of infectionand malnutrition are closely related.1 Yet we tend to introduce, quite independently, programmes tocontrol communicable disease and other efforts to improve nutrition. It would be much moreefficient and effective if the twin problems were attacked together. Success in improving dependsboth on control of infectious diseases and improvements in their food intake.


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