• M.A. Khaliq
  • Shaheen Pervez
  • Nazakat Begum
  • Aniqa Bano


Abstract: Incidence of Urinary tract infection was determined in 164 pregnant women presentedat DHQ Teaching Hospital, Abbottabad. The cases with significant bacteriuria (> 10 5organisms/ml of Urine) were 9.7% of total. 76% of the patients were less than 30 years of agewith mean of 28 years. In the symptomatic group the frequency of UTI was 12.5% while in theasymptomatic group it was about 4.0%. Pyuria was found in 13.4% of the total cases. Albuminand Glucose in Urine were found to be 6% and 3% respectively.The organisms isolated were E. Coli (56.3%) Staphylococcus (25.0%) Klebsiella Spp(12.5%) and proteus Spp (6.2%). Most of them were sensitive to Minocin, Gentamycin,Claforan, whereas the sensitivity to Amoxil, Dalacin, Fosfomycin and Doxycyclin was variable.


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