• S.P. Khan
  • A. Waheed
  • J.A Khan
  • Aniqa Bano


We have studied ionized serum calcium, total calcium, phosphorus, total protein and albuminin 20 normal pregnant women, 37 moderate and severe pregnancy induced hypertensive women and9 pregnant women with chronic hypertension. The total serum calcium was significantly reduced inmoderate and severe pregnancy induced hypertension and chronic hypertension (P<0.05 and 0.0001respectively) while ionized calcium was also significantly reduced in pregnancy inducedhypertension and chronic hypertension patients as compared to the normotensive pregnant women.(P<0.001 and P<0.0001 respectively). Total protein and albumin was less in hypertensive group ascompared to normotensive. Serum phosphate was increased in hypertensive group.It was observed that total calcium and ionized calcium among these hypertensive groups weredecreased which support conclusion of other epidemiologic studies of hypertension in non-pregnantpatients and pregnant patients that abnormal calcium metabolism contributes to the genesis ofhypertensions.


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