• Mohammad Tahir Khattak
  • Mohammad Javed


ABSTRACT:Diabetes Mellitus is a common endocrine disorder. Ii increases and accelerates atherogenesis.Cardiovascular complications dominate the lives of diabetic patients, with most succumbing tocoronary artery disease. We studied the mortality and major complication rate of diabetics whodeveloped an acute myocardial infarction. 26.4% of patients died during the index infarction andoverall about 79% had at least one significant myocardial infarction related complication. Diabeticpatients with a myocardial infarction need to be treated as a special group with close monitoring oftheir blood sugar levels to reduce the incidence of mortality and complications. Efforts should bemade to prevent diabetes mellitus by the avoidance or treatment of obesity and by encouragingphysical activity.


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