• Mir Hassan Khan
  • M. Subhan Qureshi


Radioimmunoassay is a powerful technique developed in 1960 by Solomon Berson andRosalyn Yallow, who first devised a R1A for the measurement of insulin concentration in plasma1.The technique was far more sensitive and specific than any method existed at the time. RIA is usedto analyse many biological substances that are present in minute amounts, including steroids, cyclicnucleotides, peptide hormones, viruses, bacterial antigen, enzymes, prostaglandins and drugs.Inspite of certain advantages of RIA in terms of sensitivity, specificity and wideapplicability2, it has a number of disadvantages including high capital cost, as the devises used arevery expensive and their maintenance in developing countries is extremely difficult task. Besideradiation hazards are a constant threat to personnel working in RIA laboratory. Decomposition ofradiolabeled proteins upon storage is also a serious problem in RIA, affecting the sensitivity andreproducibility of assay system.


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