• Alamzeb Manan


ABSTRACTThis is an open study conducted by the gastroenterology department of Ayub MedicalCollege, Abbottabad. The aim was to study the effect and tolerance of lansoprazole in peptic ulcerdisease, in a dose of 30 mg node. A total of 15 patients completed the trial, (Oesophageal ulcers 4,Gastric ulcers 4, Duodenal ulcers 7). Assessment was made clinically and endoscopically. Thehealing rate at the end of 6 weeks was 100%. The drug was well tolerated with no side effects. Mostof these patients had taken H2 receptor antagonists without benefit. In conclusion lansoprazole is aneffective and safe drug in healing acute peptic ulcers and is well tolerated.


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