• Waqar A. Mufti


Post infarction true ventricular aneurysmmay be defined as a localized area of dyskinesiawith regional systolic expansion. The definitionfrom surgical observation leads to the followingcriteria: the presence of a scar like deformity ofthe ventricular wall, the presence of akinesia ordyskinesia, myocardial thinning or scar formationand the loss of trabecular pattern of theendocardium.It has become common clinical practiceto classify ventricular aneurysms with an externalbulge as true or false. The wall of the trueaneurysm is derived from the myocardium itselfwhereas the wall of the false aneurysm(pseudoaneurysm) is derived from the pericardium 2.The reported incidence of left ventricularaneurysm (LVA) ranges from 35% to 40%. Thiswide range is partly a reflection of a lack ofgenerally applied definitions 2’3. Aneurysmformation probably occurs within 3 months afterthe acute myocardial infarction (AMI) but hasbeen reported to be two weeks to two years afterAMI3. Factors such as a large transmural AMI andfirst AMI have been associated with LVA 4. Thegreatest risk of aneurysm follows infarction in thearea supplied by the left anterior descendingartery


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