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The waist hip ratio (WHR)is a useful parameter to determine the distribution of fat. In women the fat is predominantin gluteal and femoral regions under the effects of oestrogen. After menopause oestrogen deficiency occurs and womenbecome prone to masculine type of adipose tissue distribution that is high waist /hip circumference ratio.In addition to this the relative ‘immunity' from CHD in female gender finishes at menopause. This study wasaimed at determining a relation between WHR and TC/HDL-C ratio in postmenopausal women. The results of thisstudy indicate that most (64%) postmenopausal women of the study population were having a large WHR and alsoshowed TC/HDL-C ratios that were significantly more than the postmenopausal women with less WHR. In addition,the mean TC/HDL-C ratio in this group was above the danger limit for this value, which suggests that a largepercentage of our postmenopausal women are at a higher risk of CHD.


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