• Mustafa Kamal
  • Tauqir Ahmed
  • Aftab H. Bhatti
  • Amir Ahmed Bhatti


The role of laparoscopy in the management of patients presenting to one surgical firm with an acuteabdomen is discussed. 37 laparoscopies were performed over a 24 months’ period and it altered thediagnosis in 24.3% of cases and the management in 13.5%of cases. At laparoscopy the diagnosis ofappendicitis was made in 17 patients (76.4% were attempted laparoscopic appendectomies), pelvicinflammatory disease in 5 patients, torted ftmbrical cyst in 2 patients and free pus in the right lowerperitoneum as a result of a perforated appendix was seen in 4 patients. Normal laparoscopy wasperformed in 5 patients and 2 patients who presented with a perforated duodenal ulcer had thediagnosis confirmed at laparoscopy. 2 laparoscopie3ere performed on trauma patients, one stabbingand one blunt trauma to the right hypochondrium. It has been demonstrated that diagnosticlaparoscopic is a useful adjunct to the general surgeon’s armamentarium. It is suggested that the skillof laparoscopy is passed on to junior trainee surgeons who can use this technique to help attain adiagnosis in patients presenting with an acute abdomen


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