• Shakeel Ahmad


This disorder is usually associated with medialdegeneration of the aortic wall. This may be associatedwith Marfan syndrome or other collagen connectivetissue disorders such as Ehlers Danlos disease.Dissection is classified as acute if it has been presentless than 30 days or chronic if it has been present forlonger. The dissection is also classified according tothe site of intimal tear and to the degree of aortainvolved. Using the DeBakey classification, type I andtype II dissection begins just distal to the ostia of thecoronary arteries and involves the ascending aorta.Type I dissection also extend into the thoracoabdominal aorta. Type III dissection begins just distalto the left subclavian artery and usually involve onlythe thoraco abdominal aorta, although on occasionthey may extend in a retrograde fashion to involve thearch and ascending aorta.Iatrogenic dissection, caused by trauma from intraaortic manipulation with endovascular devices, nowoccurs more frequently than in the past.


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