• Abdul Rashid
  • Zia -ur- Rehman
  • Wang Xiasheng


Condyloma acuminata is growing problem due to its resistance to conventionaltreatment, increased recurrence rate and its relationship with carcinoma. We havedesigned this study to evaluate the efficacy, adverse effects and immunomadulatingeffects of podophyllotoxin as a treatment modality of condyloma acuminate ascompared to podophyllotoxin plus interferon alpha-1 cream. Podophyllotoxin asmonotherapy and its combine1 ion therapy with interferon alpha-1 cream producedcomplete response in 40% and 68% while recurrence in 48%> and 20% patientsrespectively. Topical podophyllotoxin produced pain and inflammation while after itscombination with interferon alpha-1 cream. The incidence of adverse effects remainedthe same. Lymphoblast transformation activity and natural Killer activity wereperformed for every patient before either of treatment modalities and after only in caseof combination thereby.KEY WORDS: Condyloma acuminate podophyllotoxin, interferon alpha-1Lymphoblast transformation activity, Natural Killer activity.


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