• Aziz Gul Mufti
  • Farhat Abbas


Infective endocarditis (IE) is a disease in which theinfecting organism invades the endothelial lining ofthe heart and great vessels.1Historically IE has been classified as acute or subacute on the basis of clinical course in the preantibiotic era. Acute endocarditis denotes infection ona normal valve by a highly virulent organism causingrapid destruction of the heart valves and widespreadmetastatic foci. Death usually occurred within sixweeks. Subacute endocarditis referred to infection onan abnormal valve (usually rheumatic) with relativelyavirulent organism. The course was indolent i.e. uptotwo years.Currently rheumatic heart disease is becominginfrequent, especially in western countries, a newerclassification has been adopted.1. Native Valve Endocarditis (NVE).2. Prosthetic Valve Endocarditis (PVE).3. I/V drug abuser endocarditis.


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