• Muhammad Asif Jaleel
  • Rozina Noreen
  • Abdul Hameed
  • Altaf Hussain
  • Shahid Rauf
  • Liaqat Ali
  • Taj Tanoli


Background: Smoking is a type of environmental pollution and is injurious to health. We conducted anepidemiological study of different forms of smoking like cigarette. Hookah (Hubble- Bubble) and cigar in Abbottabad.Methods: 600 randomly selected subjects residing in different localities of Abbottabad were included. A specificallydesigned questionnaire was filled. Results: Out of the study population 200 (33%) were found to be smoking.Conclusions: A significant proportion of Abbottabad population smokes. This city is supposed to be a relatively lesspolluted hill station where a lot of people come for vacations.


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