Background: Exposure during pregnancy to alcohol (ethanol) produces a number of adverse effects. One of them) isfetal alcohol syndrome. The hallmark in fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) is craniofacial dimorphisms and the changesin craniofacial measurement are dependent on the alcoholic dose and its time of exposure. Since prenatal ethanolexposure can alter craniofacial development in rodents and reliably produce long-term behavioral effect in them, thepresent study was designed to extend the same changes in the Sprague Dawley species. Methods: The albino rat wasstudied to determine whether gestational exposure to ale tol (Ethanol) produces permanent craniofacial effect Ongestational day (GD7-I0) 25% ethanol was injected intraperitonealy to pregnant rats. Various dimensions for skull andface of adult male rats were taken. Results: Both vertical and coronal dimensions were altered in the exposed animals.Conclusions: This study demonstrates that exposure to ethanol on a critical gestational period produces permanentcraniofacial defects.


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