• Muhammad Tayyab
  • Khal1l-Ur- Rehman Bhatt
  • Allah Ditta


background: this prospective study was done to evaluate the serum levels of microsomal and thyroglobulinautoantibodies in patients with toxic diffuse goiter and nodular goitre (non-toxic) undergoing radio-iodinetherapy and thyroidectomy respectively. methods: forty-eight patients suffering from thyroid disorders. 29 withnodular goiter and 19 with toxic diffuse goitre (TDG) and 15 age & sex-matched normal controls were studied.thyroid microsomal (MSAB) and thyroglobulin autoantibodies (TGAB) were estimated in the sera of all thesubjects using the commercially available kits based on tanned red cell haemagglutination technique. results:MSAB seropositivity in TDG and nodular goitre was found to be 78.9% and 51.7% respectively. on the otherhand, TGAB seropositivity was 57.9% and 27.6% in cases of TDG and nodular goitre. 13.3% and 6.7% of thenormal controls were positive for MSAB and TGAB respectively. Conclusion: These findings indicate thatautoimmunity is thyroid disorders implicated in the genesis of commonly occurring


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