• Amtul Hafiz


Background: This study was aimed at determining the prevalence of HEV in Karachi. Methods: Prevalence ofhepatitis | antibody in pregnant women was carried out in 65 pregnant women. They had history of acute viral hepatitiswhile 15 control pregnant women were included having no history of jaundice. Results: The statistical outcome of thepresent study indicates prevalence of HEV as 57% in pregnant women with jaundice. Majority of the patients (85%)were from lower socio-economic strata., with mean age of 25 years. All these patients had hemoglobin less than10gm%. The mean ALT level in HEV positive cases was 452 IU/L over a range of 102-5328. It was also observedthat HEV affected more women in the last trimester (62%) and in primigravida (67%). It was observed that it wasmore common in last trimester and in primigravida. Majority of the patients (85%) were from lower socio-economicstrata. Conclusions: The findings of the present study proved the presence of HEV in pregnant women and confirmedthat HEV is endemic in Karachi. The study confirms that it occurs in last trimester and in young adult.


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