Background: The recognition and validity of laboratory results can better be judged by its internal and external qualitycontrol systems. Here we report an internal quality check of the stat service provided to the inpatients at HamadMedical Corporation, Doha, State of Qatar. Methods: Periodic internal quality control of nine chemist) analyses, BUN,Na, K, Cl, Ca, Co2, Glucose. Creatinine and Bilirubin were made on auto-analyzer Astra VIII. BIORAD Normal andAbnormal (Chemistry Control) and immunoassay level l.2and 3 were employed. All results falling within 2 SD wereaccepted. Results: 2 SD% for chemistry Normal and Abnormal ranged from 61.5% to 85.5% and 92.0% to 98.8% andfor hormones Immunoassay level 1.2. and 3 from 92.7% to 100% respectively.


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