• Shahid Shuja Qazi
  • Manzoor Ahmed Manzoor
  • Rizwan Qureshi
  • Bilal Arjumand
  • Syed Muzammil Hussain
  • Zulqarnain Afridi


Odontogenic cutaneous sinus tract is a rare but well documented condition. It is usuallymisdiagnosed as a local skin lesion and maltreated by systemic antibiotics and/ or surgicalexcision with eventual recurrence. This is because the primary etiology is incorrectly determined.We came across a 38 year old patient who presented with a cutaneous lesion on her left cheek withfrequent purulent discharge and was not responding to systemic antibiotics. The case history,diagnosis and management of this condition is presented here.Key words: Nonsurgical endodontic therapy, odontogenic, cutaneous sinus


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