• Farida Aziz


When I started my job as a pediatrician in one of theteaching hospitals in Pakistan, I asked one of mycolleagues ‘Do you see child bettering in thiscountry’? The prompt answer was… ‘NO! We seewife bettering not child battering’.But as the days and months passed and anavalanche of human problems started emerging infront of my eyes, the situation was entirely different.How do we define child battering? Is it justphysical abuse? The answer is no. Child abuse can bein many forms: Mental Abuse, Emotional AbusePhysical Abuse, Sexual Abuse, Moral and EthicalAbuse and perhaps in its most important and subtleform… Child Neglect.1I found intentional and unintentional childabuse so common in its many forms with or withoutawareness by all concerned, that it was appalling; theconcerned including older siblings, Parents, doctorsand the society in general.


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