• Faisal Ghaffar
  • M. Ali Sajid
  • K. Anwar


Background: Renal cell carcinoma (RCC) comprises 85% of all renal neoplasms. Radicalnephrectomy is the only hope of cure for patients with RCC. Role of chemotherapy andradiotherapy is very limited because of the chemo -radio resistant nature of these tumours. Severalsurgical approaches have been employed depending upon surgeon preference, size and location ofthe tumour. Objective of this study is to share the five years experience (from 1999 to 2004) ofradical nephrectomy at Urology Department, Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS), thatwas performed through anterior sub costal trans-peritoneal incision. Methods: It was a descriptivetype of study with convenient non probability sampling technique. 100 patients were included.Patients were assessed by their mode of presentation, laboratory investigations, intra-operativefindings, control of renal pedicle, total operative time, blood loss, intra-operative and postoperative complications. The observations were noted on a proforma and analysed on SPSSversion 10. Results: Out of 100 patients, 64% were male and 36% were female with mean age of58 years. Most common presentation was pain, present in 60% of patients. 88% of patients hadnormal renal function test. Average tumour size was 7.93cm, diagnosed on ultrasonography(USG) and CT scan. Average time taken to get control of renal pedicle was 73.2minutes. 20% ofpatients needed venacavatomy and thrombectomy, which was easier through this approach. Meanoperative time was 129.44 minutes. Average blood loss was 274.2ml. No intra -operativecomplications were seen. Mortality rate was 4%. Conclusion: Radical nephrectomy is still thebest option for treatment of renal cell carcinoma. There are various surgical approaches, however,anterior subcostal transperitoneal approach is more effective with early control of renal pedicle,less blood loss and minimal manipulation of the kidney thus minimizing the risk of embolism.Keywords: Radical nephrectomy; Anterior subcostal; Transperitoneal.


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