• Khalid Farouk
  • Uzma Bano
  • Murtaza Gondal


A 20 years old girl, had undergone surgery for meningocele six weeks after birth, suffered fromneurogenic bladder dysfunction. She underwent an augmentation ileocystoplasty and was trainedto perform clean intermittent self catheterization (CISC). After two years she developed renalfailure secondary to recurrent urinary tract infections and she was started on chronic hemodialysis.On account of repeated line sepsis, a live related donor renal transplant was performed. Aboutthree months after renal transplantation she reported in emergency with an episode of graftrejection secondary to severe infection and later on complicated by leakage of urine from the renalpelvis of the allograft into the peritoneal cavity suggestive of a rent. A percutaneous nephrostomyof the allograft was performed which facilitated healing of the rent in the renal pelvis. Thenephrostomy was withdrawn and patient started voiding through urethral catheter and graduallyreturned to CISC.Keywords: Renal transplant; Augmentation cystoplasty; Renal failure


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