• Azra Zafar
  • Syed Khurram Shahid
  • Maimoona Siddiqui
  • Farrukh Shohab Khan


Background: Diabetes mellitus is a well-recognized risk factor for ischaemic stroke. Stroke indiabetic patients is different from stroke in non-diabetics from several perspectives. There is nolocal study on this topic. This is the first study from Pakistan, in which pattern of stroke indiabetics have been described and compared with non-diabetics. The object of this study was tocompare pattern of stroke in diabetic subjects with non-diabetics. Methods: This is a prospectivecomparative cross sectional study, carried out at Liaquat national hospital, Karachi, neurologydepartment from October to March 2006. Fifty patients were enrolled in diabetic group and 50 innon-diabetic. Clinical features, risk factors and stroke patterns were identified. Results: Mean agewas 59.5 (±11.82) in diabetics and 60.4 (±14.8) in non diabetics. There was slight preponderanceof male patients in non diabetic group. Out of 50 diabetic patients, 44 (88.0%) had ischaemicstroke and 6 (12.0%) had intracerebral haemorrhage. In non-diabetics, 29 (58.0%) had ischaemicstroke while 21 (42.0%) had intracerebral haemorrhage. On further analysis of ischaemic stroke,cortical infarcts (CI) was found in 22, sub cortical infarcts (SCI) in 14, brainstem in 5 andcerebellar in 2 diabetic patients. CI was also the commonest subtype of ischaemic stroke in nondiabetics. Conclusion: Patterns of stroke in diabetics are different from non-diabetics. Ischaemicstroke is more prevalent than hemorrhagic stroke in diabetics. Sub cortical infarcts are morecommon in diabetics than non diabetics (p=0.04).Keywords: Stroke, diabetes mellitus, stroke pattern


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