• Muhammad Luqman Butt
  • Tahir Shaft
  • Moinuddin Moinuddin
  • Aziz urr Rahman


Anaemia in chronic renal failure (CRF) is almost universal abnormality. Sixty diagnosed cases of i. 'RF wereincluded in this study which included patients of peritoneal and haemodialysis. anemia of variable degree was presentin almost all the patients and its incidence was same in both groups. The mean pre-dialysis haemoglobin (lib) was 7.4g dl. After dialysis slight increase in HB occurred, the increase was more in, patients on haemodialysis. The postdialysis mean lib level was S.3 g dl. Similar changes occurred in R.B(count and packed cell Volume (PVC). The predialysis sample in IS. 13% showed reticulocytosis and the mean Retie. Count was 1.5%. Vo changes in mean Retiecount occur after dialysis. The presence of burr cells and fragmented RBC was the commonest red cellsmorphological abnormality observed in our patents. Dialysis in any form has no wholesome effect on morphologicalabnormalities. Anaemia of CRF persists and despite treatment remain significantly anemic.


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