• Raja Zafar Ahmed
  • Khalid Mahmood Qureshi
  • Misbahul Islam Khan


This study was designed to see whether there is a circadian variation in the frequency of acute pulmonary edemain diabetic and non-diabetic patients with ischemic heart disease. Total 150 patients (80 diabetics, 70 non-diabetic)of both sexes age range between 34-72 years with the diagnosis of acute pulmonary edema were included in this study.Out of 80 diabetics, 28 had associated hypertension, white 16 patients from non-diabetic group were hypertensive. Itwas found that there was significant circadian variation in the onset of acute pulmonary> edema in non-diabeticpatients but diabetic patients did not exhibit a circadian variation in the onset of acute pulmonary edema


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