• Jamil -ur- Rehman
  • Mohammad Shafiq


Background: It is an established fact that fasting influences carbohydrate and lipid metabolism resulting in changesin blood levels of glucose and lipid profile. This study describes the changes observed in the volunteers who fastedthroughout the month of Ramadan. Methods: After screening. 24 volunteers were included in the study on the basisof their fasting blood glucose and cholesterol levels and different tests were conducted on serum. Results: Bloodglucose, cholesterol. TAG and LDL-C levels decreased significantly, while HDL-C level rose considerably at the endof month. But the blood chemistry picture almost returned back to the pre-Ramadan level once fasting wasdiscontinued for two weeks. Conclusion: It can therefore, be interpreted that the beneficial changes observed duringthe month of Ramadan are transient and could only be maintained if the dietary habits of Ramadan are continuedafterwards.


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