• Noor Ahmad Khan
  • Huna Jadoon
  • Jahangir A. Khan
  • Martin Umbatcth


Background: A goiter prevalence survey was conducted during October 1988 lo September, 1989 in the project areaof Pak-German Integrated Rural Development Program (IRDP). Methods: 22 villages from 7 union councils wererandomly selected. 8803 persons were clinically examined for the presence of goiter and sociodemographic parameterswere studied. Results: A total of 1048 (11.9%) people out of 8803 people were found to have goiter. Large size ofgoiter was least common while palpable goiter had high prevalence. Women of child bearing age had the highestprevalence followed by girls and boys from 1-15-year age. The prevalence among adult males was the lowest. It wasobserved that percent prevalence with age in females increased while in males the percent prevalence showed increaseup to the age of 15, while it was lower at higher ages.


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