• Umar Daraz Khan
  • Shabbir Hussain Shah
  • Fazle Raziq
  • Iftikhar Qayum


Paragangliomas are uncommon tumors, with apresumed origin from 'glomus cells' at various placesin the body. They have also been mistakenly labelledas Glomus Jugulare tumors. The actual origin fromneural crest epithelium and its derivative structures isoften difficult to judge from the histologicalappearance, as they appear more epithelial or"endothelial" in routine light microscopic sections.The higher resolution of the Electron Microscope aswell as special stains for neuroepithelial products willgenerally resolve their nature in difficult cases. Theyare different from Chemodectomas with which theyare often classified, as they do not show chromaffinactivity, the hallmark of adrenal or extra-adrenalchromaffin tumors.


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