• A Rehman
  • Ali Mohammad Ansari
  • Aslant Ghaloo


Background: The results of untreated ruptures of the tendon Achilles are widely accepted as poor. Surgical orconservative treatment is fruitful in ruptures presenting early, but in ruptures presenting late only surgical treatmentis possible because the proximal end of the tendon retracts. Methods: A prospective and retrospective study of 5patients of Late Repair of the Tendon Achilles was carried out at Liaqat Medical College Hospital,Jamshoro/Hyderabad from July 1996 to June 1998. Results: The average age for the series was 43 years. Sex incidencemale to female ratio was 4:1 patient. Delay between injury and time of operation had been from one month to a year.All cases were operated upon. Direct suturing method was used. Follow up of the patient varied from 4 months to 12months. Conclusion: The results shown by direct Suturing in the Achilles tendon is comparable to any other form oftreatment.


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