• Abdul Wahab Siddique CMH Lahore
  • Zeeshan Ahmed CMH Lahore
  • Ammar Haider CMH Lahore
  • Hina Khalid CMH Lahore
  • Tooba Karim CMH Lahore


Yunis-Varon syndrome is a rare autosomal recessive disorder with characteristic facial features and limb anomalies. We report a neonate born to consanguineously married normal parents with typical clinical and radiologic features of Yunis-Varon syndrome along with complete cleft lip and palate: an infrequent association. The family had two previous babies with similar features who died in infancy. This is a first reported case of Yunis-Varon syndrome in Pakistan.Keywords: Cleidocranial dysplasia; aplastic thumb and toes; Yunis-Varon syndrome

Author Biographies

Abdul Wahab Siddique, CMH Lahore

Post graduate FCPS trainee, Deparment of Paediatrics

Zeeshan Ahmed, CMH Lahore

Prof of Paediatrics,FCPS Paeds, FCPS NeonatologyDeparment of Paediatrics

Ammar Haider, CMH Lahore

Post graduate FCPS trainee, Deparment of Paediatrics

Hina Khalid, CMH Lahore

Post graduate FCPS trainee, Deparment of Paediatrics

Tooba Karim, CMH Lahore

Post graduate FCPS trainee, Deparment of Paediatrics


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