• Jaleed Ahmed Gilani Ziauddin University
  • Muhammad Areeb Ashfaq Aga Khan University
  • Omar Irfan Hospital For Sick Children
  • Javaid Ahmed Khan Aga Khan University


Granulomatosis with Polyangitis (GPA) is an uncommon immunologically mediated necrotizing vasculitis affecting the small and medium sized systemic blood vessels. We previously reported our experience with this condition and herein, we document our study findings and compare them to the clinical and radiological findings of various studies from around the world. By doing so we hope to further create awareness of this condition afflicting not only our part of the population but is part of a larger global phenomenon.Keywords: Vasculitis; Granulomatous Diseases; Lung

Author Biographies

Jaleed Ahmed Gilani, Ziauddin University


Muhammad Areeb Ashfaq, Aga Khan University


Omar Irfan, Hospital For Sick Children

Clinical Research Assistant, Department of Global Health, Peter Gilgan Center of Research and Learning

Javaid Ahmed Khan, Aga Khan University

Professor, Section of Pulmonology


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