• Rashid Usman CMH Lahore Medical College and CMH Hospital Lahore
  • Hammad Malik CMH Lahore Medical College
  • Rana Dilawaiz Nadeem King Edward Medical University Mayo Hospital Lahore


Axillary artery injury along with proximal humerus fracture as a result of blunt trauma is a rare incidence. We present a 65-year-old male with a pulseless cold hand, who had blunt trauma 3 days ago, leading to fracture of proximal end of humerus along with axillary artery injury. Surgical intervention revealed contusion of axillary artery with intravascular thrombosis causing complete occlusion. Internal fixation of fracture along with excision of contused axillary artery was done followed by interposition venous graft. The diagnostic modalities and treatment options for such a case are discussed.Keywords: Axillary artery; Trauma; Fracture humerus

Author Biographies

Rashid Usman, CMH Lahore Medical College and CMH Hospital Lahore

Assistant Professor of Vascular SurgeryDepartment of SurgeryCMH Lahore Medical College

Hammad Malik, CMH Lahore Medical College

Department of SurgeryCMH Lahore Medical College

Rana Dilawaiz Nadeem, King Edward Medical University Mayo Hospital Lahore

Professor and head of OrthopaedicsDepartment of Orthopaedic SurgeryMayo Hospital Lahore


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