• Nadeem Ahmed Sheikh
  • Syeda Saadia Gilani Combined Military Hospital, Abbottabad
  • Nouman ul Haq Raja Tehsil Headquarters Hospital, Kallar Syedan, Rawalpindi
  • Kanwal Nadeem Army Burn Hall College (for girls), Abbottabad.


Salivary gland tumours are relatively uncommon but they present globally regardless of age. Most of these tumours are benign and involve the parotid gland. Though strictly confined to the parotid gland, Warthin’s tumours can exceptionally present at an ectopic site of head and neck. Of particular significance is its striking similarity with a lymph node, an inclusion cyst, branchial cyst or a malignant mass, especially when it presents in the upper cervical region.Keywords: Salivary gland; branchioma; head and neck neoplasms, Warthin’s Tumour

Author Biographies

Syeda Saadia Gilani, Combined Military Hospital, Abbottabad

Postgraduate Fellowship Resident in ENT,Department of ENT

Nouman ul Haq Raja, Tehsil Headquarters Hospital, Kallar Syedan, Rawalpindi

Medical Officer

Kanwal Nadeem, Army Burn Hall College (for girls), Abbottabad.

Medical Officer


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