• Syed Shabbir Ahmed The aga khan university hospital
  • Khalid Samad The aga khan university hospital
  • Muhammad Saad Yousuf The aga khan university hospital
  • Faisal Junejo Tabba heart institute


Paediatric thoracic tumours resection is one of the most difficult procedure for any anaesthetist. Paediatric population is different from adults in many aspects, as they have small thoracic volume and more compressible mass effect on their airway and vascular structures. we are reporting a case of a huge paediatric thoracic tumour resection occupying the left thoracic cavity. The possible mechanism, consequences, prevention and management discussed in this report.Keywords: mediastinal mass; paediatric thoracic surgery; teratoma

Author Biographies

Syed Shabbir Ahmed, The aga khan university hospital

Senior instructorDepartment of anaesthesiaThe aga khan university hospitalkarachi

Khalid Samad, The aga khan university hospital

Associate professorDepartment of anaesthesiaThe aga khan university hospitalkarachi

Muhammad Saad Yousuf, The aga khan university hospital

Fellow cardiothoracic anaesthesiaDepartment of anaesthesiaThe aga khan university hospitalkarachi

Faisal Junejo, Tabba heart institute

consultant cardiothoracic anaesthesiaTabba heart institute


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