• Saadat Hassan Hashmi Department of Urology, Ubaid Noor Hospital, Mianwali
  • Ikramullah Khan Department of Surgery, Ubaid Noor Hospital, Mianwali


Urinary bladder functions for the storage and expulsion of urine. Foreign bodies in male urinary bladder are rare due to lengthy urethra, especially when they are rounded in shape and difficult to be introduced into urinary bladder. This is a case report of a middle age male with thin body habitus and slightly disturbed psychiatric status. He presented with both irritative and obstructive lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS). He was investigated and found to have an intact bangle in the urinary bladder. The patient was planned for surgery, and the foreign body was removed endoscopically with the help of cystoscope. Later on the patient was referred to a psychiatrist for psychological management.Keywords: Foreign Body, Cystoscopy, UTI, Ultrasonography


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