• Zarnab Zainab PEMH rwp
  • Naveed Akhtar Malik PEMH rwp
  • Shanza Obaid PEMH rwp
  • Maimoona Mumtaz PEMH rwp
  • Kanza Aftab PEMH rwp
  • Saqib Malik AMC
  • Alia Pervaiz Comsat Islamabad
  • Zainab Syed AMC


Becker's nevus is a main epidermal hypermelanotic condition that usually presents in adolescence, though childhood cases are seen less commonly. Congenital cases have been rarely reported. Nevus is usually unilateral having increased pigmentation and is characterized by hypertrichosis. It usually presents as a patch on back, proximal upper extremities, arms and upper trunk. Becker's Nevus presenting as bilateral asymmetrical patch is rare. A case of 23 year's old male with bilateral hyperpigmentad patch over the back has been reported. The histological exams established the clinical hypothesis of Becker's Nevus.

Author Biographies

Zarnab Zainab, PEMH rwp

Dermatology/ Trainee

Naveed Akhtar Malik, PEMH rwp

Dermatology/ Professor

Shanza Obaid, PEMH rwp

Dermatology/ Trainee

Maimoona Mumtaz, PEMH rwp

Dermatology/ Trainee

Kanza Aftab, PEMH rwp

Dermatology/ Trainee

Saqib Malik, AMC

Medicine/ Associate Professor

Alia Pervaiz, Comsat Islamabad

Research associate

Zainab Syed, AMC

Medicine/ Trainee


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