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  • Zeeshan Kamil



Entropion repair, external tamponade, senile entropion, Weis procedure


Background: The aim of this study is to compare the postoperative functional outcomes of two different surgical techniques for the correction of senile lower lid entropion. It was a Quasi experimental study, carried out at BHY Hospital, Karachi, Pakistan from January to December 2018. Method: This study recruited fifty patients belonging to either gender with an age range of 60–70 years having unilateral lower lid senile entropion. All the patients were briefed about the study dynamics and divided into two groups with twenty-five patients in each group via convenience-based sampling technique. Those with a prior history of lid surgery or bleeding diathesis were excluded from the study. Patients of group A underwent the standard Weis surgical procedure whereas Group B patients underwent a modified surgical approach using an external tamponade. Main outcome measure was the rectification of abnormal lid position to the normal level. All the patients were followed for a period of six months postoperatively. Study approval was obtained from the institutional ethical review board. Result: This study included a total of fifty patients with twenty-five patients in each group. Mean age was 64.5±3.23 years. Recurrence was observed in 32% patients of group A and 4% patients of group B. Conclusion: The modified surgical technique for entropion repair using an external tamponade has a favourable outcome with minimal recurrence and symptomatic relief.

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Qirat Qurban, Khalid Eye Clinic

Consultant Opthalomologist


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