Authorship Criteria

Journal of Ayub Medical College Abbottabad follows the guidelines laid down by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) and the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) while receiving, processing, and publication of research manuscripts.


The journal of Ayub Medical College will consider a right to authorship ONLY when ALL four of the authorship criteria of ICJME are met. These criteria are as follows:

  • Substantial participation in the research work with a contribution to all stages of research namely, the conception of the research work; the research design itself; or the data collection; data analysis following collection; or data interpretation following analysis; AND

  • Active contribution to the research manuscript during drafting or its critical revision with reference to the importance of the intellectual content; AND

  • Active contribution/participation in the final approval final copy of the manuscript that is ready for publication; AND

  • Willingness to share responsibility for the whole research work to allow for investigation and resolution of integrity and accuracy of research work.

Acknowledgment Criteria

The contribution/effort of all contributors whose participation in the research work doesn’t fulfill the above-mentioned conditions can be acknowledged in a separate section towards the end of the manuscript. Examples of such contributors include, but are not limited to:

  • Those who helped acquire funds for research

  • Those who supervised the research but did not actively participate

  • Those who provided help in study design reviewed the manuscript, assisted in the write-up of the manuscript, proofread it for the authors, provided editorial support for technical and language matters, etc.

  • Colleagues who helped in finding cases for the research, assistance in laboratory procedures, etc.

  • Statisticians who helped in the analysis of collected data by application of proper statistical tests

 Addition to the List of Authors

 The JAMC doesn’t allow addition, alteration, or deletion in the list of authors which was submitted to the journal at the time of initial submission.

 Statement of Contributions

 The manuscript submission policy of JAMC requires that the original manuscript be accompanied by a description of individual contributions by each other at the time of initial submission. For this purpose, to facilitate the authors, an Author’s undertaking and contributions form has been made available for download on the journal’s web page.

 Corresponding Author

 The Journal of Ayub Medical College will communicate with the author designated as the corresponding author during the submission process who is expected to cooperate with the journal for data requests or any additional information that may be required during or after the publication of the manuscript. Therefore, the corresponding author should provide a working email address to be able to answer any queries from the editorial board regarding the manuscript throughout the submission and the peer-review process after the initial submission. Additionally, the corresponding author is expected to reply to all critiques and queries following the publication of a research manuscript.


 The use of a death dagger (†) is recommended to notify the death of authors who died before the research was published. The death dagger (†) should be placed immediately after their names and the information about their death and the date of death be provided in a footnote.