• Nadia Saeed
  • Tauqeer Nasir
  • Bilal Burki
  • Ghulam Asghar Channa


Background: In standard or conventional cholecystectomy gallbladder is approach through asubcostal incision of 7–10 Cm. New technique and procedures have evolved, aiming at decreasedtissue damage, pain, hospital stay and complications. This study was conducted to assesscholecystectomy through 5 Cm mini-laparotomy. Methods: This study was conducted atDepartment of General Surgery, Ward-26, Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre, Karachi fromJanuary, 2008 to January, 2009. Both sexes irrespective of age were included in this study. Ninetycases were females and 10 were male. Mean age of the patients was 48 years. Minicholecystectomy was performed on patients and results evaluated as percent and frequency.Results: This study included 100 patients with cholelithiasis. Mini-cholecystectomy was possiblein 95% cases, and in 5 cases incision had to be extended to conventional cholecystectomy. Theaverage operating time was 50 minutes and postoperative hospital stay was 2-days andpostoperative complications like minor biliary leak, haemorrhage and wound infection was seen in10 cases. Conclusion: Mini-cholecystectomy is a safe procedure with shorter operative time,fewer complications, better prognosis, and less of postoperative hospital stay. It may berecommended as a procedure of choice where laparoscopic facilities are not available.Keywords: Gallbladder, Cholelithiasis, Mini-cholecystectomy, Mini-laparotomy


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