• Huma Qureshi
  • Ambreen Arif
  • Ejaz Alam


Objective: To see effect of Lamivudine on sero conversion of HBeAg positive cases co infectedwith Delta hepatitis. Methods: Hepatitis B positive patients with deranged liver functions for 6months were tested for HBeAg, HBV DNA and anti-Delta virus (HDV), using ELISA. Patientswere divided into 2 groups, group 1: HBeAg, HBV DNA positive (wild type) but delta negativeand group 2: HBeAg, HBV DNA positive (wild type) with delta positive. Lamivudine (100 mg)was advised to both groups till sero-conversion. Results: Of 124 cases in year 1999–2005, 69were in (Group 1), and 55 were in (Group 2). Eighty percent were males in both groups. ALTnormalisation occurred in 75%, 24% cases within 6 months respectively. At the start of therapymean HBeAg was 289±189 in group 1 and 142±160 in group 2. With treatment, the values did notchange much till 12 months of therapy. The fall was significantly slow in delta positive cases. At36 months 26 (38%) cases in group 1 and 9 (16.4%) cases in group 2 sero-converted. Nine casesin each group remained non-responders while 2 in each group relapsed. Conclusion: Wild type ofHBV/HDV co-infected cases have a 16% chance of seroconversion which negates the concept thatonce infected with delta virus there is not much that can be done.Keywords: Hepatitis B virus, Delta hepatitis, co-infection, sero-conversion, fulminant hepatitis,lamuvidine, interferon, entecavir



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