• Asim Mumtaz
  • Muhammad Anees
  • Muhammad Haris Barki
  • Waqas Sami
  • Shabir Hussain
  • Muhammad Nazir


Background and Objective: There is a very high prevalence of Erectile Dysfunction (ED) in dialysispatients. There is no as such available data on ED and factors affecting it in our patients. Methods:Analytical, cross-sectional, hospital based study conducted from January to March 2008,Haemodialysis unit of Shalimar and Mayo Hospital, Lahore. All male patients of end stage renaldisease (ESRD) on maintenance haemodialysis therapy, whose spouses are alive and able to performintercourse, were included in the study. Patient with cognitive and communication deficits wereexcluded from study. International index of erectile function-5 (IIEF-5), adopted in Urdu was used forthe determination of prevalence of erectile function. Categorization of erectile dysfunction was done asmild, moderate and severe. Demographic data were collected and certain laboratory parameters(haemoglobin, haematocrit, urea, HBsAg and Anti HCV) were sent. Results: Total numbers of patientwere fifty. Major cause of ESRD was diabetes mellitus 28 (56%). Most of the patients 33 (66%) havepassed 10th grade or they were under 10th grade. Prevalence of ED was 86% with mean IIEF-5 score of10.36±7.13. Majority of patients 33 (64.7%) were suffering from severe degree of ED. Factorsresponsible for ED are diabetes mellitus, age more than 50 year, high pre dialysis urea and Anti HCVpositive patients. In this study, smoking, duration of dialysis and monthly spending is not related withED. Conclusion: Majority of the patients suffering from ESRD, on maintenance haemodialysis arehaving ED. None of the patients suffering from ED were taking any treatment for it. Haemodialysisdoes not improve sexual dysfunction. Major factors responsible for ED are diabetes mellitus, age morethan 50 years, high pre dialysis urea and Anti HCV positive patients.Keywords: Haemodialysis, erectile dysfunction, diabetes mellitus, age, IIEF-5


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