• Syed Motahir Ali Shah
  • Mian Ihsanullah
  • Abdur Rasheed


Background: Studies have demonstrated that atherosclerosis has its silent beginning duringchildhood. Coronary artery disease, particularly when it presents early in adult life has been observedto have a familial tendency. Lipoprotein-α [Lp-α], has a strong genetic association and raised levelswhen combined with obesity increase the risk of premature coronary heart disease. Thus in adults,has emerged the possibility of preventing or delaying the coronary artery disease when appropriatemeasures are applied early in life. In our study, we assessed the prevalence of overweight and obesityand its association with Lp-α in the child population of district Swat. Methods: The study wascarried out in Saidu Teaching Hospital and Biochemistry Department, Saidu Medical College, Swat,from May to July 2007. Both boys and girls between 10–20 years of age were included. Theprevalence of obesity was detected in 200 subjects by using body mass index. One hundred subjectswere selected to compare the anthropometric and cardiovascular parameters of obese subjects withcontrol group. Lp-α was measured in children of both the groups. Results: The prevalence of obesityin adolescent boys was 6.7% and that in adolescent girls was 10%. The prevalence was higher infemale subjects, compared to male subjects. Obese subjects had significantly higher weight, bodymass index, blood pressure values and Lp-α levels as compared to control group. Conclusion:Lipoprotein-α level is higher in obese children and adolescents than in non-obese.Keywords: Lipoprotein-α, Lp-α, Body mass index (BMI), Blood pressure (BP), Obesity


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