• Nisar Khan
  • Huma Jadoon
  • Munawar Zaman
  • Aqeel Subhani
  • Abdur Rab Khan
  • Mian Ihsanullah


Background: Primary spontaneous pneumothorax is a common clinical problem and its incidence isthought to be increasing. This study was conducted to see the frequency, aetiology, presentation andmanagement outcomes of pneumothorax in patients presenting at Pulmonology unit, Ayub TeachingHospital, Abbottabad, Pakistan. Methods: Pneumothorax patients reporting at the Pulmonology unit ofAyub Teaching Hospital, Abbottabad from 2002 to December 2008 were included in the study. Patientsof all ages were included. They were admitted and followed up to the full recovery. Results: A total of195 pneumothorax patients reported during this period. Majority of the patients were diagnosed to havepneumothorax due to pulmonary tuberculosis making about 36.92% of the total cases. Second mostcommon cause was primary spontaneous pneumothorax (21.53%). COPD were also sizeable at 8.71%.Other causes included Bacterial infections, Asthma, iatrogenic, interstitial lung disease, bronchiectasisand Trauma. Conclusion: It was concluded from this study that pulmonary tuberculosis is thecommonest cause of pneumothorax in our setup.Keywords: Primary spontaneous Pneumothorax (PSP), Secondary spontaneous Pneumothorax (SSP),Tuberculosis, Pulmonary, Lung diseases, Obstructive.


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