• Sameen Afzal Junejo
  • Shafi Muhammad Jatoi
  • Nisar Ahmed Khan


Background: Non Phaco suture less cataract extraction through temporal approach retains mostof the advantages of phacoemulsification but can be delivered at lower cost with better visual outcome. Methods: Extra capsular cataract extraction followed by posterior chamber intraocular lensimplantation was performed, on 300 eyes of 250 patients. The technique involved was posteriorlimbal corneal tunnel incision through temporal approach, followed by implantation of PMMAposterior chamber intraocular lens. Visual acuity at the time of discharge, third post operativeweek and sixth week was recorded. Surgically induced astigmatism was reported. Results: Theuncorrected visual acuity at discharge was 6/18 or better in 63.2% eyes. The best corrected visualacuity was 6/9 and better in 96.0% subjects at six weeks. Poor visual outcome (<6/60) occurred in0.5% eyes. 0.4% subjects had posterior capsule rent followed by vitreous show. There was noincrease in against the rule astigmatism, as the corneal incision was given through temporalapproach. Conclusion: Suture less manual extra capsular cataract surgery through temporalapproach ensures rapid visual recovery with minimum astigmatism against rule.Keywords: Astigmatism, Cataract, extraction, corneal tunnel incision, temporal approach, Phaco


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