• Dilshad Ahmed Khan
  • Mariam Saeed
  • Farooq Ahmad Khan


Background: Glycaemic control is critical for managing diabetes and related complications.Considering high prevalence of Diabetes in Pakistan, our study aimed to assess the status ofglycaemic control in Type-II Diabetics by measurement of HbA1c from 2005–2007 atRawalpindi. We also evaluated changes in its trends in relation with sex and age. Methods: It wasa retrospective analysis of data from Clinical Pathology Laboratory, Army Medical College,Rawalpindi during 2005–2007. A total of 2875 patients, aged 24–70 years, taking oralhypoglycaemic agents, were included. HbA1c was measured by using Human kit. InternationalDiabetes Federation guidelines, ≤6.5%, 6.6%–8.4% and ≥8.5% were used to classify patients intogood, fair and poor control categories. Results: The number of patients (n=2875) tested forHbA1c increased from 904,974 to 997 during 2005–2007. The patients had an age of 48±13 yearsand comprised of 54% males and 46% females. Improvement in patient’s glycaemic controlamong the three categories during 2005 to 2007 was as follows: good (41% vs 47%), fair (38% vs40%) and poor (21% vs 13%) respectively. The average HbA1c values improved from 7.25 % in2005 to 6.69% in 2007 (p<0.05). Overall, males (45%) and youngest age group (53%) patients hadgood diabetic control. Conclusion: Glycaemic control improved in diabetic patients from 41% to47% during 2005–2007 at Rawalpindi. Males, especially the youngest patients comprised majorityof good control population. For effective disease management and optimal HbA1c values, acombined effort by the patient and physician is required.Keywords: Diabetes, Glycaemic Control, HbA1c, IDF guidelines, Pakistani population


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